Data presented at AFA reception

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Data presented highlight that there is a steady decrease in the representation of women, from the entry student level to the most prestigious NBER appointees and keynote speakers. Statistics on cites indicate that there are many qualified women that are less recognized for potential high-level roles.  (full presentation and summary available)

It is imperative to reduce the leaky-pipeline effect, both to increase women’s representation into the profession and to attract more women to the profession.  Attempting to increase female representation at the PhD level without addressing the leaky-pipeline effect is likely to have limited results.

The AFA reception was strongly attended, with an estimated 150 people.  Throughout the reception, the slide show presentation presented our main findings, and mid-way through the reception Paola Sapienza gave a brief overview.  There was much discussion throughout the reception related to the data presentation.

In addition, there was a ‘Bias’ session at the AFAs, which is highly related to our mission.  The session included papers on biases within financial markets (presented by Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi), biases regarding CEOs (presented by Steve Kaplan), and biases in the area of entrepreneurship (presented by Ting Xu).