Showcasing Women in Finance

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The Department of Finance at the University of Miami School of Business Administration and AFFECT jointly held their first conference on Showcasing Women in Finance, March 4, 2017.  Women across multiple levels had the opportunity to exchange research ideas and network. More information can be found here. … Read More

Data presented at AFA reception

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Data presented highlight that there is a steady decrease in the representation of women, from the entry student level to the most prestigious NBER appointees and keynote speakers. Statistics on cites indicate that there are many qualified women that are less recognized for potential high-level roles. … Read More

SFS Breakfast

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AFFECT held a breakfast at the 2016 SFS Cavalcade in Toronto.  Francesca Cornelli, Amy Dittmar, Laura Starks, Karin Thorburn and Ayako Yasuda participated in a panel, which discussed dynamics in the university setting that influence men differently than women.  A survey was taken, and results will be … Read More

Recent News

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The recent lawsuit by a female assistant professor against Columbia University for sexual harassment has received much attention.  AFFECT takes every allegation of harassment seriously.  We support a culture in which disputes and lawsuits are solved fairly and without backlash against either side, and in which … Read More

FMA Breakfast

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At the annual FMA Women’s breakfast, Renee Adams, Francesca Cornelli, and Michelle Lowry introduced the concept of AFFECT. We surveyed members on: Their own status, in terms of research productivity, conference attendance, seminar invitations, etc. Their relationship with the department, including for example whether there was … Read More