Recent AFFECT News

Data and Drinks Reception @ ASSA 2019

The 2019 ASSA is coming up in less than a month. In addition to our annual reception , “Data and Drinks”, we will also host an interesting session on Barriers to Boardrooms. We... Read More

The impact of gender on publishing

Card, David et al.(2018) published a paper on their research looking at the effects the gender has on publication of economic research. There are some interesting findings when it comes to the standard... Read More

AFFECT (Academic Female Finance Committee) was formed as a committee of the AFA, to promote the advancement of women academics in the field of finance. Within the academic field of finance, AFFECT strives to:

  • Promote gender equality
  • Facilitate networking among women
  • Conduct research on the standing of women, and factors related to differences in the career path of men versus women
  • Provide mentoring of women

About the logo

AFFECT-logo-01-shape-75x74Our logo is inspired by the idea of the glass ceiling in the form of a “Rose Cut” gemstone in gemmology. In addition, the interconnecting lines represent the benefits of networking, across women within the profession and around the world.


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